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About Me 

My Journey through Childcare:


My story starts with the typical cliché of someone unhappy with their career choice. After looking back at my college days, I reflected on the youth outreach I participated in during those years. It was finally clear what I should do - I decided to return to school.

During my time in school, I thought of becoming an elementary school teacher, so I accepted a part-time job as an assistant director with a before and after school program. With the program, working with the preschoolers was an assigned task of mine from time to time. These assignments showed me where my heart truly lies - working with the preschool age group. 


After completing my certification, I was hired with a small Seattle preschool and finally found fulfillment in my career. Three years later the school closed down due to the hard economic times; I was very sad but an amazing opportunity came along. A family at the school was in need of childcare immediately. They had just had their second baby, and the mother’s plans to return to work, right as the school shut down, created a necessary opening for someone to help them. I became a "temporary nanny with teaching duties" while they searched for another school. 


Well, that temporary position turned into a 5-year and continuing position. As a nanny, I am able to put my skills to use on a higher level with individual care, but also build a connection with families that I never achieved in the classroom.


My passion for caring for children and helping families find balance in these busy times, drove me to create a service-based business in Green Lake Nanny.



Green Lake Nanny:


Offers specialized services needed for your family. These personalized plans for parents can be assembled during consultations discussing your specific needs and concerns as a parent. Even if your needs are simply needing date night care, Green Lake Nanny will clear your conscience.

*Certifications in Infant/Child CPR and First aid, Early Childhood Education, and Development 

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